RDK Licensee - System integrator

January 2018

Solution57 is now an official RDK Licensee, offering system integration and extension work on the RDK platform. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help your RDK development.


White Paper on Test Automation

October 2015

Building a good test automation system is challenging both technically and business wise. Download our whitepaper on Test Automation on Android using The Robot Framework  and watch the show case video on the right.

New Korean Country Manager

July 2014

Solution57 are proud to Welcome our new Korean Country Manager, Seongman Yu.

Mr. Yu will be responsible for handling all Korean Business development and Sales.

Mr. Yu has a long track record of handling Korean Business development and Sales for multiple large European Companies  and we are absolutely thrilled that he has decided to join our Team.



Android and Leap Motion Integration

Aalborg January 2014. 

This is a proof-of-concept demonstrating the android platform integration with the Leap Motion sensor. In the demo we show the cursor control in which finger taps are used to select items and double taps to go backward. Moving the hand closer to the device turns on the "gesture" , in which we scroll vertically and horizontally according on the orientation of the hand.

Vivante Selects Solution57 as a Platinum Technology Partner

Aalborg, Denmark, October 29th, 2013 – Solution57 today announced that Vivante Corporation has chosen the company to be part of its Platinum Technology Partnership (PTP). Members of Vivante’s PTP have early access to the latest Vivante innovations to strengthen the partner support infrastructure and ecosystem built around Vivante GPU IP found in consumer mobile, home entertainment, automotive, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 

Solution57 are proud to announce their Accessory Communication Management system (ACM) developed for the Internet of Things

Aalborg, Denmark 21st October 2013

The Internet of Things might change the way things interact with each other and more importantly how humans interact and live their lives. It is difficult to predict how our lives might change when everything is interconnected. However one thing is certain, the amount of data communication and synchronization required is growing exponentially as things go “online” and start sharing data. The Internet of Things is for sure a huge challenge of power management.

At Solution57 we are working with many different types of small wireless battery driven devices supporting various communication standards, and realize that minimizing data transport and choosing the right communication protocol to transport data in a given situation can prolong the battery life of these products significantly.

We have taken this discovery and our experience and turned it into a product – an Accessory Communication Management system (ACM), which makes it easier to save energy in device-to-device communication.

One of the products that have already benefitted from our solution is a Smartwatch product, where ACM reduced the battery consumption significantly in sychronizing data, such as notifications between a smartphone and the smartwatch. This was done by compressing data, doing smart object synchronization and switching between Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0) dynamically.

The ACM solution works through a number of methods:

  • adding dynamic context filters,
  • smart data compression,
  • data synchronization
  • content based transport or profile switching
  • object generation tool

ACM is OS agnostic, and can be deployed in any system.

To find out more about our ACM product, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Solution57 are proud to announce that we have joined the Freescale ecosystem, as a Services Provider and Connect Partner

Freescale Semiconductor chooses Solution57 as a Service Provider and Connect Partner.

Aalborg, Denmark, October 3 – 2013. Solution57, an Embedded SW Solutions company specializing in Connected Devices, Multimedia and Graphics technologies, are now a Freescale Service Provider and Connect Partner.

Deep technological expertise in embedded systems and a proven track record in a variety of very different projects, have been key reasons in achieving this milestone. Projects on the track sheet range from firefighting critical release-stopping issues to developing complete TV and Smart-Watch platforms, where focus has been to optimize the user experience while keeping the HW specs and memory footprint lean and getting the most lifetime from battery operated devices. This has provided us with a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges when developing high performance products with the most optimal HW configuration possible.

At Solution57 we are confident in our ability to provide Freescale’s customers with unique, differentiating and highly optimized solutions, both on time and in the right quality.


Remote Application Framework for IVI - Explained

This video explains  how Solution57's Remote Application Framework can be utilized for In Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems, and how it differs from Miracast and Mirrorlink.

RAF not only enables easy sharing of apps from handheld to IVI, it also allows the handheld device to be freely used in parallel, unlike Mirrolink.

Remote Application Framework for Android, IVI Demo

This demo shows how Solution57's Remote Application Framework can be utilized for In Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems, allowing for running Android apps from a phone/tablet onto an IVI touch display.

The solution is different from Mirrorlink, where the entire phone display is "mirrored" on a receiving device. Here, the IVI display is decoupled from the phone/tablet UI, and the device can be used for multitasking on both the IVI and the device display.

Android remote UI and remote windows demo

Remote UI and Window Sharing Framework for Android based products.

Solution57 is developing a patent pending remote UI and application-sharing solution for Android, which allows multiple devices to push or pull content and applications between each other.

Android notifications display based on Bluetooth Low Energy

This demo shows the interfacing of a Bluetooth Low Energy Soc with the Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android Jelly Bean 4.1. The demo shows a BLE profile for implementing a low-energy notification display and mirroring the Android system notifications to the display. The Nordic SoC nRF51822 module is built around a 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU.

Android Native-UI integration concept

This demo shows a new concept of integrating graphics frameworks with Android. The QT 5 native applications are launched and managed directly from the Android framework and run side-by-side to the Android UI. There are many use cases for this functionality, particular if customers want to migrate to Android from a legacy platform and have "old" code they want embedded in Android without having to re-write it completely.