Discover the true potential of Android

There is a significant difference between a "vanilla" Android integration on a device, and an integration which has been tailor made for the specific device and product purpose.

Without thorough understanding of the Android architecture, experience in adaptations of the system, and understanding of the possibilities/limitations of the integrated platform, this is a task that proves to be very cumbersome for the integrator. It often results in solutions which are unnecessarily complex, bloated and expensive to maintain.

We have the required expertise and can support your development with:

  • How to integrate an existing software platform with Android
  • How to create non-mobile CE devices utilizing Android
  • How to make the device perform “silky smooth” – optimizing graphics and multimedia performance
  • Tailoring the Android integration to reduce the ROM footprint
  • Power management optimizations to increase battery life
  • Android integration training, both in terms of high level and technical depth
  • Firefighting on Android devices

Increase customer interactivity and deliver user friendly solutions

Successful integration of graphics and multimedia processors on embedded platforms is often an underestimated task, as there are multiple factors which determine the efficient utilization of the processor by the surrounding software and hardware.

This is a task which is outside the core business area of the processor manufacturers, and often outside the expertise area of their customers.

 We have the necessary expertise for:

  • Being your partner, handling the integration of your processor in customer products
  • Being your partner for direct technical support of your customers
  • Development or optimizations of processor drivers
  • Development / integration of the supporting high level graphics / multimedia libraries
  • Optimizing the customer UI implementation to make most of the processor and supporting libraries
  • Development of demos and benchmarks on the customer platform, showing the processor capabilities

Our approach

Every project we deal with is different, hence our solutions are tailor made to fit your needs. Our approach allows us to understand your business, its needs and goals - both short & long term.

As a result we are able to offer solutions based on your specific business challenges, divided into 4 main levels:

  1. Project management  – With our extensive experience in projects involving integration of Android, graphics and multimedia technologies, we can provide support during the planning, scoping, launching, management and assessment phases of your project, as well as consultation in case of related business challenges. Our project managers have a proven track record in management of large scale international software projects in mobile and consumer electronics industry.
  2. External consultation - leverage the expertise of our professionals who can join your team for short and longer commitments, depending on your specific needs.
  3. Training - We provide extensive training for various skill levels of software professionals, ranging from beginners to experts who are in need of in-depth technical knowledge and experience in our field of expertise.
  4. Complete package delivery - tell us your requirements and let us handle the complete process of development & integration.  

Our products

We are continously expanding our IP offering to improve and differentiate the embedded experience for our customers and partners

Innovation is in our DNA and through our experience with complex challenges on a daily basis, we spend considerable time comming up with new ideas and technologies that change these problems into a differentiating solution.

To help our customers get up to speed with Android development we offer various training products, including boot camps.


Remote Application Framework (RAF)

Solution57 have developed a Remote Application Framework (RAF) for Android, which allows multiple devices to push or pull content and applications between each other.

RAF is different from Miracast, where the entire display is usually "mirrored" on a receiving device, or the receiving device acts as a secondary display. RAF enables vanilla Android apps to be pushed/pulled to the receiving device, which takes over the displaying and input to the application. In parallel, the server device can be used with another application, enabling multitasking across multiple touch displays.

The graphical transport supports multiple backends (VNC, H.264) and composition modes, where parts of the image can be composed on the transmitting or the receiving device, depending on the most optimal scenario in terms of latency and power usage. The user of a "remote" application will experience minimal latency and will be able to operate the application as if it was running directly on the product.

For more information contact us at

This video explains  how Solution57's Remote Application Framework can be utilized for In Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems, and how it differs from Miracast and Mirrorlink. 

Solution57's Accessory Communication Manager (ACM)

Solution57 have developed an accessory communication management system (ACM) making it easy to save energy in device to device communication. ACM does this by utilizing a combination of:

  • Dynamic context filters
  • Smart data compression
  • Data synchronization and
  • Content based transport or profile switching to optimize data transport
  • Object generation tool

To learn more about ACM please contact us at

Android Boot-camp

Solution57 have developed a 1-week bootcamp for to boost our customers knowledge and experience in Android embedded development. The course is targeted at SW development teams, using either our customers HW platforms as a basis or a reference HW platform provided by Solution57. 

  • Designed for 5-10 participants
  • Executed by Android Framework experts
  • Customizable for specifc product requirements
  • Delivered as generic or customer specific use-case requirements
  • Fastest way to get in-experienced team trained in Android embedded development